'My first love? I still remember him. Tall, handsome… It was just a short moment, but it felt very mysterious, and still friendly at the same time. It was the best. If I just see that person, I feel like I will immediately recognize him. Like fate.’

JungJung Couple EP.09

Translated by naraejoha@twitter

You take my heart and put it up and down.

We can like anything. Even the ones in the streets. But I’m doing this because it’s cool. When they’re expressing their music, they’ll realize that their music is cool. And that was rock. So I’m doing rock. I think it’s really cool.

You take my heart and put it up and down, up and down.

Of all days, it was April fools’ Day. Death that seemed like a lie. They were like that, of all other possibilities. No one lied. So there weren’t anyone who was fooled. It was April Fools more awful, 10,000,000 times more awful than being fooled. Occasionally, the reality is more cruel than lies.

Why did I mess with you when you’re this good?

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